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Morning loyal readers!

Err, yeah. Right. I’m procrastinating. I’m supposed to be doing research for an interview for a job. But waffling here instead seems more appealing suddenly…

I’m going to tangent off books briefly having discovered a couple of iPad games (probably available on Android too I’d guess) recently which are worthy of comment.


First the beautiful Monument Valley. Not much idea what the story is really – according to their site it is “an illusory adventure of impossible architecture and forgiveness”. There are crows, and a little girl and strange magical shapes. But the story doesn’t really matter. It’s the Escher-like mind bending and utterly beautiful puzzles which are enchanting. Do play with the sound on – the music and the sounds as you interact with the game are lovely.

The second game is The Room – “a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world“. Or technically The Room 1 and 2 seeing as it’s a series. More puzzles with cryptic clues and a far more creepy and sinister feel – especially with the atmospheric background music.

I ended up playing the second “room” before the first, so the story (there is one this time) is a bit mixed up for me. I might replay it all (in order) before the Room 3 comes out – which should be later this year.

The Room 3Again the artwork is amazing and detailed and both are perfect for a touch-screen device. There’s something very appealing about unscrewing a tap to make something move or pulling back a crossbow to fire it with a realistic hand motion instead of a mouse click.

Now, I am going to point out both of these games have to be bought. With real money. Shock! Horror! Wailing! Yes, yes, but think about it for a minute. The games are awesome. Really awesome (unlike Angry Birds 2). And have taken a lot of time and effort and skill to build. So maybe for a couple of quid it’s worth a punt? And it means you don’t have the ridiculous “freemium” model with IAPs and a game engorged with ads in between levels, in the middle of levels, because you used a clue, because you didn’t use a clue…

So yeah, go play them. And I’ll go and research for my interview.


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